Welcoming Kiley
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016
By Heartprint Images
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The O'Neil bunch...getting ready to welcome baby girl into the mix.
We met up to capture some fun and serene moments before they become "party of 4".

We first met this spunky toddler during his newborn photos. We just love watching our Bundle Babes grow!I found this beautiful evergreen tree while scouting the location and had an idea.
Let's deck it out with girlie garb and take some shots for use on a Christmas card. Cute, huh? :)Hello Bundle Kiley!!
I simply love this setup with Mom's wedding dress. 

Nah, no finger-wrapping going on here. None whatsoever. But wait, just look at how she's already gazing into Daddy's eyes. He's toast.

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