Train Station Throwback
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Monday, January 20, 2014
By Heartprint Images
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We met up with one of my favorite little clients and her family at the train station in San Juan Capistrano just before Christmas. Mom wanted casual shots with her extended family first.

After we got those shots, the family changed into vintage clothing. We got our props in place, and as soon as the train pulled up, we went to work. We had just a few minutes to get our shots with the train as part of the background. Preplanning paid off, and I'm in love with the results! This was such a fun session to create and execute. I love it when clients have an idea and we work together to bring it to life. :-)

We got the family into position for this one, and then this gentleman walks right into and through our shot. I was focusing on the family and paused for a second to let him pass. My assistant, Debbie, said, "keep shooting...he adds to the picture!" She was so right!! His positioning, his trench coat, the way he all worked. Good eye Deb!

And this right here is one of my all-time favorite images EVER!!!!

Bye-bye train!

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Cathy Sujishi - Thank you Erin!
Erin Marie G. Bradley - Awesome shots, precious, beautiful!!