Marita's Amazing Transformation
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017
By Heartprint Images
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On a recent rainy Saturday afternoon, we met up with a beautiful woman at our studio to help her celebrate an amazing accomplishment. Meet Marita Aguilar: a confident and smart gal who in one year transformed her life in a big way. She followed the program at The Camp Transformation in Lake Forest and worked her butt off, literally, and lost 100 12 MONTHS!!!

Our time together started with hair & makeup artist Merissa Galpin working her magic to gussy Marita up for her photoshoot. If you ever want/need a hair/makeup pro in Orange County, Merissa can be reached at 949.230.5295.

Two stunners right here...Marita and Merissa. 

Marita shared her personal journey with us, and her story is SO INSPIRING. I know I'm more motivated knowing her and having worked with her. Maybe you will be too. 

What would you say was your ah-ha moment that inspired you to work toward better health and wellness?

My A1C levels were approaching pre-diabetic. My boys' Dad has Type 2 and my Dad has Type 1. I don't want my boys to have to care for me because I didn't care for myself. Also the weight began to limit my activities and I've always been very active, always on the go. 

What did you do to stay motivated? Was the process harder or easier than you thought it would be?

I quickly fell in love with both the gym community and also the new things I could do physically once I began to lose weight. Once I shifted my focus to the new abilities rather than the number on the scale it became easier. I also would remind myself how hard I had worked and that eating those unhealthy things would negatively affect my gym performance as well. Also when I needed it, I found people who would love me enough to hold me accountable and other ways to deal with stress rather than eating. 

How do you feel now? Besides weight loss, what else have you achieved?

I feel amazing! I was very depressed, more than I even realized before. Now I wake with goals and with my FitFam greeting me every morning. I ran a mile non stop for the first time in my life during the journey. Not to mention all the heavy weights I can lift. Completed my NASM personal training certification as well. 

What are your goals – fitness and otherwise?

My biggest goal is to live a life I don't need a vacation from. Praying about how that will all come together. Ideally I'd like to have my own fitness based business but I'm looking for a niche that needs filling rather than trying to compete with everyone else. 

Why did you decide to do this photo shoot? Are you glad you did?

Despite all that I've accomplished, sometimes it's hard to see all the physical changes and how significant of a transformation I've had. Also to have some nice photos to use to promote myself in future endeavors. I'm really glad I did it, they look amazing and I felt absolutely gorgeous that day. What a great way to celebrate my transformation! 

What would you tell someone who’s on the fence about getting started toward better health?

I think it's never too late to start and that any steps in a positive direction are huge. Change is never easy but sometimes it's very needed. Also to be kind to yourself. In any journey there are always set backs. Don't let a speed bump be the end of the road. Get right back up if you fall back into old ways. 

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