Cathy Sujishi, portrait artist

Welcome! So glad you stopped by. I love the saying, "Dream as though you'll live forever, and live as though you'll die tomorrow."

If only it were that easy, right? We'd all spend more time with those we love. We'd savor today's precious moments that quickly become tomorrow's memories. We'd put the cell phones and tablets down, cuddle up more with our kids, tickle and giggle more, and say yes more than we say no. I'm with ya.

As life speeds by, sometimes the only roses we stop to enjoy are the ones our friend posts on Instagram or shares on Facebook. I get it!

Our kids are growing up in this techno-world, but for the brief time that they're under our roof, we have their attention (fleeting as it may be). What do your children and others who enter your home see displayed? Fancy paintings? A trendy metal sculpture? A pretty floral canvas? Sports memorabilia? All fine things for sure. But as you take inventory around your home, do you see the love of your family shining through prominently? Or, can it be found in a tiny frame on a bookshelf somewhere?  Or worse, are those photos you captured with your cell phone sitting proudly on its storage card or in your computer's memory, never seeing light of day?

We'd like to help you change that by bringing your story to life in our portraits. We want the artwork on your walls to be a beacon to all who pass through that LOVE LIVES HERE! And perhaps most importantly, we want every child we capture to feel how much they are valued when they see themselves growing up in this way.

We'd be honored to be chosen as your portrait artists, helping you to create and showcase your legacy of love, to be treasured for decades to come. We're Heartprint Images.